About Us

As children Antoni and Lavredis spent their summers exploring the Island of Evia. Days filled with sun, sand, sea…home cooked meals and their YiaYia’s (Grandmother’s) wise ways. Honey was her go to remedy to keep the boys healthy. She may not have known that it was a good source of antioxidants, that it was antibacterial and anti-fungal, that it was packed with nutrients and good for the heart, but she knew it would soothe a sore throat, heal wounds, and help with tummy issues. So, honey became the source of all things wonderful in the boys’ lives. From honey drenched baklava for a sweet treat to pouring it over a scrapped knee to avoid infection. It was honey, honey, and more honey.

The boys thrived under their YiaYia’s watchful eye and care. As they grew into strapping healthy men, they vowed that they would someday find a way to honor her. Both studied the art of harvesting honey and the science behind its bountiful benefits. Today the cousins are proud to bring the highest quality Greek honey to the world and named the sweet amber powerhouse nectar after their beloved island of Evia. The place they spent their summers with their doting YiaYia, who never once left the island in her 98 years.